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Guide to Dashboard Lights | Bert Ogden Chevrolet | Mission, TX

Dashboard lights are an effective way for your vehicle to communicate with you. They can tell you when a specific system is engaged, if something is left open, or if something is potentially wrong with your vehicle. If you are not sure how to address a specific light, bring your vehicle in for service at Bert Ogden Chevrolet in Mission, Texas. We offer no-contact service options in the wake of COVID-19 and follow all CDC guidelines on our property.

Here are some of the most common dashboard lights and their meanings:

Check engine light

This is perhaps the most dreaded light — and the most ambiguous. When this light illuminates, it could indicate one of many problems with your engine. You will need to bring your vehicle into our service department, where we can run a test to tell you what is wrong and fix the problem. If the light is blinking, stop the car, get out, and call a tow.

Engine oil warning light

If this indicator lights up, it means your vehicle has very low oil pressure and needs to be refilled. If you have just replaced your oil, you may have a leak. This light is not to be confused with an oil change reminder light, which may not necessarily indicate low oil pressure but just that it’s time for replacement.

Fog lights, headlights, and brights

Your dashboard has indicators to let you know when certain front lights are engaged. If you turn on your headlights, fog lights, or high beams, your dashboard should indicate to you that these are engaged.

Battery light

This light, which famously looks like a winking robot, should not be illuminated while you are driving. If it is, it indicates that your battery charging system is likely not working. To avoid a dead battery, it is best to drive immediately to an auto parts store for a battery test and replacement, if necessary.


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